Down on the Farm

Amish Farm Equipment

Mixing the Old with the New

So you’re thinking – “I thought they distanced themselves from ‘technology’ and did their work manually – why are they pulling powered farm implements behind a team of horses/mules? What is the difference with using animals or a tractor – the equipment is still powered!?”

Answer – the traditions and rules of their church.

Down on the Farm

Harvest Time

Baling Hay

With Summer over harvest time arrives in Lancaster County.  Our Amish neighbors grow corn, tobacco and soybeans in their fields.  This photo shows them baling hay and using a mix of gas (diesel)-powered equipment and real horsepower and manpower.

Woman Power

Women and girls will often be added as the young ladies drive the team of horses.

Fall Scenes

Fall time brings many changes to the landscape in this area.  Many of the crops turn brown and once harvested the bare fields are visible where tall corn or leafy tobacco recently stood.

The contrasting colors with the red brick house and horse & buggy caught my eye here.