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Lancaster County’s Most Famous Funny Name

Historically the Village of Intercourse was formerly known as Cross Keys. The phrase “sexual intercourse” originates in the 1940’s or 50’s. Intercourse prior to that referred to “social intercourse” – visiting the local pub or general store and sitting around the cracker barrel.

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Blue Ball is an actual place – seen here is the old Fire Company building – now the Town Hall Restaurant.

Humorous and Interesting

Gramma’s Ham

We Have Always Done It This Way

I heard an excellent story from a Mennonite friend who grew up Amish that explains many of the things they do because of their culture – being so grounded in tradition.

A young girl was in the kitchen with her mom one Sunday after church while dinner was being prepared.  The mom took the ham out of the fridge, cut off a few inches from one end, placed it in the roasting pan, and put it in the hot oven to cook.

The young girl asked “Mom – why did you cut the end of the ham off”, and the mom replied “I’m not sure, dear – that’s what Gramma always did and I learned from her”.  Gramma was over that quiet Sunday afternoon so they went into the living room and inquired about the practice.

Gramma’s reply was simple – “because my pan was short”.  The Mom cut the ham because that was what they always did, even though her pan could accommodate a larger ham!

Many of the things that the Amish and Mennonites do are thought to be for “religious” or biblical reasons when in fact they are merely tradition.  Simply put – they do what they do because “that’s what we’ve always done”.  Simple – traditions – and very strong ones at that!