On The Road Again

Drive-Thru Dairy

Five Gallons of Whole Milk, Please

Halfway between Intercourse and New Holland is a family-owned farm with a drive-thru dairy that has great milk and ice cream!

This place is a rare gem and is a very busy tourist destination – mostly for the ice cream – and a favorite to locals for both the milk and frozen delight.

This farm produces the milk on site without using growth hormones and has Jersey cows which makes both the milk and ice cream rich and delicious.

Amish Lifestyle

Church on Sundays

Go To Sunday Meeting

The Amish meet for church within their communities every other week. Their Sunday best is mostly black for the married folks while the single young ladies often wear colors.  Interesting.  This woman wore a cape and a black head covering while the man wore a felt black hat and a suit and white shirt without a tie.  This attire is very different from what they wear day to day.

Valet Parking?

Their Church Districts are very local.  While many of us travel 10-20 miles or more to church on Sundays, their Districts are basically their neighborhoods as travel by buggy is not fast.  (I have passed a buggy on my bicycle going 12 mph.) Their neighborhood is their church and their church is their neighborhood. Each District meets every two weeks and families take turns hosting in their homes.  Their churches are not public like the churches most of us are familiar with and there is no sign inviting strangers to worship with them each week.

Not Everyone Takes Their Buggy

Sunday is their day of rest.  And that they do.  The other six days are spent working hard while they relax on the seventh day.

The women are responsible for feeding the masses and the men and women usually segregate into different rooms after the meal while the youth will head out to the yard or barn to play games.

Down on the Farm

Harvest Time

Baling Hay

With Summer over harvest time arrives in Lancaster County.  Our Amish neighbors grow corn, tobacco and soybeans in their fields.  This photo shows them baling hay and using a mix of gas (diesel)-powered equipment and real horsepower and manpower.

Woman Power

Women and girls will often be added as the young ladies drive the team of horses.

Fall Scenes

Fall time brings many changes to the landscape in this area.  Many of the crops turn brown and once harvested the bare fields are visible where tall corn or leafy tobacco recently stood.

The contrasting colors with the red brick house and horse & buggy caught my eye here.