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Buggies are a very strong and visible example of tradition in the Amish culture. Much like my Olde Order English culture, the horse & buggy takes on the same life as cars.  In the Amish youth, the H&B is a symbol – I’m sure some horses lend to more of a muscle buggy than others.

The photo above is a unique sight – I call it the Crossover since it has two opposing seats behind the typical buggy enclosure. Watch for photos of buggy variations I have seen in the Lancaster over the years.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

The Courtship Buggy adds some accountability to a young couple as they cruise down the road. I came upon this young Amish couple on my way home from church on a cold December.  I assumed they were not brother and sister. With temps in the 30’s they had a heavy blanket over them since this buggy is completely open. The young man sits on the right and drives the buggy while the lady gets very close to him to stay warm.

Dating to them is what many of us would refer to as Courting.  Traditionally this young man would have discussed his intentions with his own parents before going to the young lady’s father to ask permission to spend time with his daughter. The Amish and Mennonite communities take any level of dating rather seriously.

The Amish Youth Buggy

Amish buggies often show the character of the driver much like our cars do. The typical Amish Youth Buggy often has a bit more flair and character to it than typical one owned by the married Amish adult. This buggy had blue lights along the bottom of the mud flap. I suspect the owner was in the “Youth” category and still sowing his wild oats a bit.

Tractor-Trailer Buggy

This was cruising through the residential area where I used to live.

Buggy Drag Races

The buggy in the rear is drafting the other while getting ready to pull a NASCAR move to pass.

Their ownership of buggies is much like what we had or have. Think muscle cars.

Buggy Pickup

These folks were harvesting their corn.

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